Basic / Premium


Cleverpark Ultrasound-sensor US 45°

  • 45-degree-sensor, placed along lane with pointing direction at parking space
  • 2-in-1: Sensor and RGB-LED-display in one modul
  • The sensor works without calibration stable and reliable, because of the integrated temperature compensation.
  • The LED-colours for the notification of the occupancy status are comletely configurable and can be changed with the Cleverpark-software while ongoing operation. Normally green is used for "available", red for "occupied", blue for "parking space for disabled" and yellow for "reserved".


Camerabased sensors – Smartpark LPR

The premium class of single space monitoring is the camera-based monitoring of every single parking space.
The number plate recognition of the sensors creates a new possibility of car park management and customer security.

  • Flexible tariff for every parking space possible via data provision to the car park-payment system
  • Alarm with video, if vehicle occupies two parking spaces
  • Videostreams for every parking space up to 25 pictures/s e.g. for prosecution of robbery / damage of vehicles (option)
  • Car-finder function via number plate (option)