abaleo is member of Parking SWISS and SIA.

Some Projekte by abaleo:

Airport Zurich, CH

Single space monitoring: 13'000 car parks
Guidance full-matrix: approx. 300
Management system: 40 jobs
Expansion period: till 2020
Special features:
• System virtualized on customer-owned data-center
• Matrix LED completely flexible, display of digits, text ect. via management level adjustable.
• Offstreet- and onstreet sensors working mixed via the same management level.
• Since 2018 RGB Panels in use
• Biggest installation in Switzerland with over 13'000 Data points and 300 Matrix-RGB-LED displays.
• Dynamic, via algorithm controlled guidance for optimal distribution of parking traffic for Cars, motorbikes (car park P6), e-mobility and parking of employees

Parking shopping centre Letzipark Zurich, CH

Single space monitoring: 1'300 car parks
Guidance: 30 displays LED RGB matrix
Management system
Period: 2019
Special features:
• Single space sensor TOF-technology, middle of lane
• New generation LED RGB matrix
• Combination of registration technology: 80% via sensors, 20% via camera technology
• Traffic guidance via 1'300 data points with analysis in realtime and self-optimising prediction manner (deep learning algorithm)

Parking Hôpital du Valais - Sion, Sierre CH

Entrance: 7 / Exit: 7 / Barriers: 15 / Payment machines: 3
Car parks: 4‘000
Parking areas: 7
Point of Sales : 2
Entrance: 3 / Exit: 3 / Barriers: 6 / Payment machines: 3
Car parks: 1’200 / Realisation period: 2019.
Special features:
• Chip card system for short term parking
• Badges via Mifare Desfire
• Server virtualized
• Intercom via IP
• Long term parker billing every minute and monthly export to the salary system Loga
• RFID UHF Passiv TAGs for fast entrance and exit of all employees and external suppliers
• Controlling, Car (public bus)

Bike station Zurich central station, CH

Entrance: 2
Exit: 2
Automatic doors: 2
Payment machines: 2
Petty cash / PoS: 1
Parking spaces: 1’600
Special features:
• Design payment machine specialised for bike stations
• Special tickets, developed by abaleo
• Online customer management and tariff system
• Long time parker via by abaleo developed passive UHF TAGs and forced passage with recording while moving

Kantonsspital Baden, CH

Entrance: 4
Exit: 4
Payment machines: 3
Car parks: 1‘200
Special features:
• Employee badges and Zuko-management system of hospital completely integrated in entrance and exit
• Intercom via IP
• External current availability of parking spaces intergrated third-party provider

Fust Oberbüren, CH

Entrance: 1
Exit: 1
Central management system
Guidance: 24
Car parks: 413
Special features:
• Browser access to parking system
• Import customer data

Parking Appenzeller Park Herisau, CH

Entrance: 1 / Exit: 1 / Barriers: 2
Payment machine: 1
Car parks: 154 with single space monitoring by PMD sensor-technology
Realisation period: 2017
Special features:
• RFID UHF Passiv TAGs for fast entrance and exit of all employees and external suppliers
• LPR number plate recognition of long-term parkers and percise rating «lost ticket»
• Combined entrance badge / LPR / UHF TAG

RGB Display
RGB Display
RGB Display